Forum and in-person meetups to coordinating changes

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Forum and in-person meetups to coordinating changes

Postby MichaelMub » 24 Jun 2018, 19:43

So I made a prediction on Litecoin and cours ethereum a scattering days ago that sparked a lot of chit-chat on the thread. It was very gripping reading the various thought processes and predictions. So I unwavering to do the same for Ethereum, howsoever, I think that Ethereum has a chance to walk out with beyond the 2-5k commencement in 2018, if only they would supermarket a tittle better. I believe that they for to get these callow "coinbase noobies" to show compassion for what Ethereum is and why it's signal if they require to side with a unlooked-for of getting beyond that sill in 2018.

Forum and in person meetups to coordinating changes

Postby PeterSab » 18 Oct 2018, 03:26

Thanks for two things:
a taking care of the zombie accounts
b informing mere users.
Both is new and both is good.


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